The Papers
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The Papers

The European Academy of Arts, Sciences and the Humanities, of which I am a CorrespondingMember, invited me to participate in its workshop "Science, Technology and Art at the dawn of the third millenary towards a Culture of Peace", in Brussels, Belgium, on September 21, 22 and 23, 2000. To view the paper I presented there, please click here:

Towards a new Renaissance and a Culture of Peace

In the same spirit, here is another research on peace:

Love. How and why has the cosmos been able to engender love?

If you are interested in my paper "A painter's thesis: quantum physics as an inspiration for Art", published in Leonardo, the MIT Press Art and Science Journal, please click here:

A painter's thesis

If you are interested in my paper "The pathway between Art and Science: one painter's metaphorical journey", published in Leonardo, the MIT Press Art and Science Journal,please click here:

The pathway between Art and Science

If you would like to know more about my philosophy of creation, please click here:

After Leibniz and Gauguin, the search for a new Renaissance

If you are curious to find out how I am induced to interpret the meaningful coincidences and signs at the origin of my artistic inspiration, in the spirit of the present trends of our contemporary science, please click here:

From the EPR thought experiment to synchronicity

At the triple point "Art/Science/Spirituality", in or out of time, you will find myresearch by clicking here:

Out of Time
A journey through time
Is the artist an extremophile?
The love of complexity